12 – 7 pm. Monday to Friday

Appointments are of 50 minutes’ duration.

If you feel uneasy or unsure about making an appointment with a therapist, here is a quick – and, I hope, reassuring – guide in helping you make the first call.

I will answer the call personally.
If I am with a client, your call will go to my answerphone which will tell you that I am unavailable. I am usually able to return your call within a few hours. Just leave your name and number and any special instructions e.g. convenient times for me to return your call.

No one but I will listen to the message.
When I return your call, if necessary you can put me on hold while you find a private space to talk. If you cannot speak at that time (perhaps you are with friends or family or at work and don’t want them to know about counselling) it’s ok to phone back at a later time. The service is discreet and confidential.

Our conversation need only be brief since location, fees and overview of the practice are covered on the other pages of my site.

Most people simply want to set up an appointment; however, you are free to outline your problem and ask questions before making an appointment.

I will suggest that we start with an initial session where you will get a sense of how therapy can work for you and where you may begin to think about what you expect from counselling.


I can usually see people within a few days.


It is useful for me to know how you found my site and I do appreciate it if you are able to volunteer this information.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Alan Gordon

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