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Hi, I’m Alan Gordon – welcome to Glasgow Counselling Services!

I’m a psychotherapist and counsellor in Glasgow and over the last decade I have worked with thousands of clients who come to counselling with a wide range of problems and emotional difficulties from depression and anxiety to jealousy, abuse and anger.

Please beware there are others who offer services who may be questionably qualified. The law allows people to offer services who may only have taken a course from a few weeks to a weekend! UKCP is four years to qualify and one of the top level qualifications in the country. I am UKCP registered and I adhere to their strict code of ethics. Please read more about Glasgow Counselling Services at choosing a counsellor

You will find more information about counselling, psychotherapy and my practice, Glasgow Counselling Services, on the following pages including location, fees and appointments which I hope you will find useful. I have also included a section giving you an outline of my professional background and career to date.

Throughout life, we sometimes reach points where we do not have the solution, This can make us feel ‘stuck’ and unable to find a way out. We feel unable to cope and there is only so much we can discuss in our day-to-day relationships, which don’t seem to offer us what we need in terms of support.

This is where a series of counselling or psychotherapy sessions can help. I offer an open, accepting and non-judgemental approach. We will work together in a safe and sensitive environment.

I offer individual counselling for men and women and I am experienced working with a wide range of issues including:

Prolonged sadness or unhappiness that lasts more than a few days may be depression. Depression is generally to do with loss, deprivation or (perceived) failure.

Runs on a scale from worry through to panic. Sometimes anxiety is specific or it can be general anxiety.

Specific fear of an object or situation. This can include social phobia.

Event from the past which can impact your functioning in the present.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Extreme anxiety response which can last for years after the event.

Can be physical, sexual or emotional. Abuse can be difficult to endure and it may also leave emotional scars which can impact later in life.

An unreasonable, sometimes aggressive response to a situation; usually self-defeating in the long term. Counselling and anger management are very useful in dealing with this emotion.

The feeling that you’ve done something you shouldn’t, or haven’t done something you should. But Guilt can be more complex than this in that it can lead to anxiety, shame and negative feelings about oneself.

Relationships are a common factor in so many of the other problems mentioned on this page. This includes romantic relationships and well as relating to friends, family, work colleagues etc.

Jealousy is an emotion which can be so intense that it can lead to irrational thoughts and actions. It is a real relationship destroyer and it can make it impossible to stay in a long term relationship.


Finding the right counsellor or psychotherapist can feel like a daunting prospect. To help you choose, or if you’re new to counselling then please read the next page or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call now on 07733107039 and we can discuss suitability and arrange an initial consultation with me at Glasgow Counselling Services.

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